A Boxset? You Must Be Mad

Did you know there is a boxset for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th books of the Icarus Investigations series? Do I sound excited? Is your head spinning?  Well, grab hold of it because it’s true.

There is, in fact, a three book boxset for the Kindle that contains Snow Cone, Coconut Water, and Stolen Dough. It is affectionately entitled The Red Hand Mini-Series and contains a series within a series. I’m not really 100% sure that technically makes it a mini-series, but it seemed like it should. This boxset neatly contains the three books where our intrepid band of investigators battle it out with a secret criminal syndicate known as the Red Hand. What’s even better is that with the boxset you can get three books for the price of two. Think of it like buying in bulk. Hold it–is your head spinning again? Sit down, check your blood pressure, and breathe deeply. If you’re head is literally spinning, you may need to consult someone with some type of religious background.

You might see that in the Amazon listing that this boxset is listed as the 2nd of a series of boxsets. That isn’t a typo, and I can count to ten using my fingers but not my toes, but I’m planning another boxset of the first two books, Flapjack and Peeking Duck, at a later date. That will become the 1st in the series of the boxsets. Most of you have already read those by now anyway. That’s about the long and short of it. Thank you, and now you can resume your normal, daily activities.

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