Updates on New Books

It’ s been a while since I’ve written on the blog and figured it would be time for an update. The seventh Case File of Icarus Investigations will be called Microwave and will continue to follow the antics of the private eyes of Icarus. The case revolves around a mysterious attack on a computer data center. The detectives follow the clues as they lead across the Atlantic. Who is behind the attack and for what purpose? Just wait to find out. Microwave is on its way to completion, and I expect a release sometime in the Spring.

On to other news. The next Knowledge Stew volume (Volume 4) will also be out in the Spring. It will cover even more interesting facts with the facts behind them. The entire volume is nearing completion quickly.

I am starting a new project that will be out hopefully this summer. It’s based on the popular series on the Knowledge Stew website called Odd Stew. It will cover strange and fascinating news items that you may have missed. The book is being slowly compiled as we speak.

Keep on the lookout for these new things coming soon. Thanks for the support. Until next time.

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